Wednesday, July 20, 2011

The yes’s and no’s of buying Apple products

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I’m an Apple fan, hands down.

Apple’s almighty rumor machine predicts that the OS X Lion will be launched today. More importantly, the new MacBook Air too, at 8:30 a.m. Eastern to be precise.

I bought mine just two months ago. Just like my iPhone 4. Luckily they’re just rumors and there’s still a chance for delay. Yes! There’s hope for having the latest Apples in my possession a little longer!

There are only three disadvantages with buying an Apple I can think of. The first one is this; from the moment you buy your Apple, you’re 100% certain that within a year your ‘precious’ will be replaced by a newer version - that will totally rock your world if you bought it - making it a very expensive hobby. Two, an Apple hardly ever crashes, and three, it looks ten times better than a Windows. Oh wait, did I say disadvantages?

Way to go Steve, we love your products!

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