Saturday, July 23, 2011

The day my MacBook Air went iPad

Image found here.

Well, almost. Except for the touchscreen. The responsible? OS X Lion, Apple’s no-brainer operation system upgrade for only €23,99 straight from the App Store.

Rubber-band scrolling, zooming, tapping, pinching, and swiping; directing four fingers at once requires some practice, but the new multi-touch gestures on the trackpad feels extraordinary. The full-screen experience surely makes browsing on Safari more enjoyable (although you could already do it with other browsers) and you just gotta love the Launchpad.

Another neat little functionality is the AirDrop, making file sharing with other Mac users easier and user-friendlier. Now just have to wait until everyone else updates to OS X Lion too. Other new stuff includes Mission Control, App Store, Versions, and Resume; functionalities I personally don’t use all too often.

The new MacBook Air launched the same day; same appearance this time, but faster, more memory, and the return of the backlit keyboard. Looks cool, but honestly? I wonder who works in the dark anyway.

It feels like the Apples become more alike every step of the way. Can’t wait until the launch of the new iOS for my iPhone 4, iCloud, and the expected iPhone 5 in September. It will inevitably draw a heck of a lot more non-Apple-users across the border into the promised Apple-land. And once you go Mac, you’ll never go back.

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