Sunday, July 17, 2011

How to get you energized for completing all your tasks

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Have you ever said to yourself: “Today I’m going to do XYZ”, and you get yourself ready, and then get yourself ready, and then get yourself ready... but you never actually do it? Raise your hand if this sounds slightly familiar.

This has to do with the ‘law of diminishing intent’: the longer you wait to implement an idea, the less enthusiasm you’ll have for it.

The real key to success depends on how much ‘do-power’ you have. You’ll be successful once you do, and continue to do, more than the average person.

Knowledge is only potential power. Action is temporarily power. Activity is real power; action repeated until you get what you want.

Now, the number one factor that defines our level of activity is ‘energy’. Get more energy and you’ll have more activity. Makes sense?

There are plenty of things you can do to get more energy. Here’s two:

1. Feed your tongue
Go eat a banana. Here’s what your tongue will tell you: “This is a great food resource. One is plenty.” Here’s what it will tell you if you eat a hamburger: “There’s not enough resources. Let’s eat another.” Listen to your tongue. Eat the food that’s healthy and gives you energy.

2. Drink enough water
The majority of all people are constantly dehydrated. Your blood needs water to circulate nutrients. Once your blood doesn’t have enough water, it draws the water from your organs. What’s your biggest organ? Exactly; your skin (dudes, I know what you were thinking). What happens if your skin doesn’t have enough water? Ladies, I hear you. Cheers!

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