Wednesday, July 27, 2011

BBC’s hunt for the answer: What is reality?

I am me. You are you. But what if we’re not? In BBC’s Horizon documentary ‘What Is Reality?’, scientists explain that we live in an infinity of parallel worlds.

Think of a tennis ball bouncing off a wall. On the moment it hits the wall, it can bounce to the right, to the left or any other direction. Every possibility creates and continues in its new parallel world. We can only see one world, which is the parallel world we live in.

Looking for clues within the atom, scientists find 6 essential elements that everything in the world is made of. We know it is, but we don’t know why. Why 6? Others argue that everything can be defined by mathematics, making reality a mathematic structure. It further discusses how black holes can suck in literally everything including light, and how we all might be part of some sort of cosmic hologram, projected from the edge of the universe.

So, what does this imply to our daily lives? For one, we can use the law of attraction to teleport ourselves into our desired parallel world. Or: we’re part of an alien mathematical super computer that’s projecting our reality and we really live in the Matrix.

Are you still with me? No, you’re not. In the words of one of the scientist: “We only know that it’s there and what it does, but nobody understands it.”

Thus, in a parallel world other than this one, given the ‘facts’ that time is relative (Einstein said so) and we’re living in an infinity of parallel worlds, I might be you and the other way around.

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