Saturday, July 23, 2011

How to think your dreams into reality using the law of attraction

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Imagine being a gigantic magnet. Think Magneto from the movie X-Men First Class. But instead of just attracting the screwdrivers, cars, and massive satellite dishes, you’re literally attracting everything you’re thinking of.

Think of your thoughts as life’s eBay and the universe is the almighty supplier. Now, what can you not buy on eBay these days? You simply click on what you want and know that in just a matter of days, it’ll magically appear before you.

This is exactly what happens when you’re using the law of attraction. Here are the three basic steps to follow:

1. Ask; know precisely what you want. If not, how would you know if you’ve received it or not? Then go ahead and ask the universe for it. Or god, or whatever you believe in.
2. Belief; belief with all that you are that what you ask for will become yours. Use the same certainty as if you ordered your razor from eBay.
3. Receive; let it become reality. Experience all the emotions you would feel as if you already have it. You’ll attract exactly that what matches your feelings.

The last part is crucial; the more intensely you feel, the faster it will manifest. Always combine your feelings with gratitude, the most powerful emotion there is.

One last thing to remember is that the universe makes no distinction between positive and negative thoughts. It simply gives what you focus on. Focus on why you’re so damn poor and more poverty will manifest. Focus on all your extra pounds and don’t be surprised how much more you can get. But when you focus on being wealthy, the money, health, and happiness starts flowing into your life.

Feeling a bit overwhelmed by the infinite possibilities and don’t know where to start? It makes no difference to the universe to what or how much you ask for, or when you ask for it or receive it. You’re the determining factor. I’d say start small. Build momentum by seeing the small things manifests before your eyes. Then when you’ve grown that rock-solid belief, go all out!

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