Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Roamler: Crowdsourcing at its very best

What's crowdsourcing? Click here.

Everyone meet Jackie, my brother. Jackie is an early adopter, or what you would call a trendsetter. Above all, I think he is a maven.

A maven is someone who knows disturbingly much about anything and feels the urge to share it with others. Ask him anything from politics, to sports, the weather or the latest Hollywood gossips. He can tell you all about it, just like that.

Jackie has a new addiction; called Roamler. Roamler is an iPhone application through which you can earn money by completing tasks. Based on your location, you receive a task. Every completed tasks earns you experience points and/or money.

Imagine having thousands if not millions of mobile workforce around the globe, ready and waiting to complete your tasks every minute of the day! If that’s not ├╝ber-cool, I don’t know what is.

Having started just a few days, Jackie is now the top 1 Roamler in Amsterdam and ranks number 11 in Holland. So Jackie, is also kind of a nerd. But here’s the best part: Roamler works on invite only, after earning 1750 experience points. Guess who Jackie will invite first?

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